Smart Profile Labs

Room to experiment

Smart Profile Labs is the innovation team within Smart Profile. The Labs team members are the organisation’s explorers, while the other Smart Profile colleagues mainly focus on the existing business (exploit).

Based on collaboration with education and other organisations, the goal is to innovate in market intelligence, demand generation and data management.

These business developers and data analysts like to think along with you about new products and services or help with a comprehensive analysis. And all this based on data from our MarketBase, your data and/or external data sources.

The sky is the limit.


Fleet Insights

Fleet Insights was created at the request of the company Hello Mobility. This party wanted more insight into and more control over the fleet. Utilising telemetry data, think of location, stationary use, de- and acceleration, fuel consumption, distracted driving and much more.

We have made this data structured, usable and understandable. The insights are visualised in real-time in a dashboard, the Insights Dashboard.

Besides insights into the fleet, it is also possible to obtain other insights. We are happy to discuss this.

Want to get more out of data?

Would you like to start the conversation? Together with you, we will look at how we can get the most out of data. Whether it’s big plans or ideas that still need to take shape, we’ll be happy to think along with you. Interested? Fill in the contact form below.