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At Smart Profile, we translate market data into commercial insights. With this, we set up lead/demand generation campaigns based on data from our database. Do you want to aim for gold? Are you focusing on more significant players in the market? Make sure you address the right people. An account-based approach will assist you in this.

It is also possible to combine multiple campaigns to convey your message. Think of an email campaign with various mailings, social selling, and telephone campaigns. By combining numerous campaigns, you get more exposure.


Especially for large accounts with extensive and diverse decision-making units (DMUs), a demand generation approach is not the most effective. In that case, a personalised approach, or an account-based approach, is what you need.

At Smart Profile, we kickstart your Account-based Marketing (ABM) program by ensuring your data is fully up-to-date. We can then execute campaigns in addition to your marketing/sales team. Finally, we help you visualise the results to monitor progress.


Step 1: additional and up-to-date insights in the correct accounts

Data quality is one of the biggest challenges in executing a successful ABM program. Using insights from our MarketBase to update your data, we can bring the quality level to the right level and provide additional insights into various triggers to get in touch. These triggers could include a change of position, internal projects underway, takeovers, name changes, etc.

Tip: Include existing customers that you can expand further through ABM.

Step 2: Setting up your ABM program

To set up a successful program, we have created the following checklist:


Discover which roles are important in decision-making and what the DMU looks like. With these insights, you can work on your account-based strategy in a targeted manner.

How personal is the contact

Divide your accounts based on their importance and give the essential ones personal attention. This way, you create a strong bond with the customer and increase the chances of success.

Creating insights

Ensure uniform, up-to-date, and enriched data for your account-based strategy. By ensuring the right data quality, you are guaranteed successful campaigns.

Relevant triggers

Discover which triggers were effective with existing customers and apply them to your account-based strategy. This way, you increase the chances of conversion and success.


Personalise your content and ensure that it fits the different stages of the funnel. Discover which content is successful and apply it to entice your customers to the next step.


Collaborate with marketing, sales, and Smart Profile to create a successful account-based program. Ensure that one person is ultimately responsible for the program for a higher ROI.


Discover which tools you already use and which could be added to your account-based strategy. Use the three most essential tools: CRM, Marketing Automation, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Also, consider Albacross for personalised content.


Measure the success of your account-based program based on account-related metrics, such as the time a target account is engaged with your organisation and created pipeline and revenue. This way, you can steer towards success.

Tip: Companies with a strong ROI on their ABM program generally have 11 to 50 accounts per sales representative. 

Stap 3: Let’s realise that potential!

We have set everything up and are ready to go, keeping close contact with your marketing/sales team. We also ensure that we can easily monitor progress in a clear dashboard. This dashboard visualizes the actions taken and the defined metrics.

This way, we can monitor the progress together and take follow-up actions quickly and effectively.