The power of personalized messaging

Email marketing is still an extremely suitable way to communicate with your customers. In addition, you can also engage with prospects. That’s right; you can also approach potential customers with the right tone. Email marketing lets you inform, sell, make curious, and much more as long as you have a clear view of your target segments. And we can help you with that.


E-mail addresses of Benelux decision makers


You can be most effective when emailing your target audience with a personal message. This goes beyond a first name or position. It’s about matching the reader’s informational needs and your content. That does not necessarily mean sales. It can also be a visit to a web page or an event your audience receives an invitation for.

Client or Prospect

When tailoring your communication to the recipient, you will make a clear distinction between customers and prospects. Because sometimes prospects know you better than existing customers. Yes, you read that right. For example, someone who follows you has different considerations than someone who has been your customer for years. When you are aware of this, you can successfully start drafting your message.

Preferred Channel 

We often hear the argument that big chunks of the budget go to paid search, organic search and social media. We don’t have an opinion on that, but we always ask a critical question that causes the effectiveness of those channels to falter. Over 40% of marketers consider email marketing to be a necessary channel.

Costs and ROI

Regarding cost-benefit, email marketing is considered the most vital channel (73% conversion). Compared to social media ads, search engine marketing, organic traffic, banner ads and SMS (25%). In addition, the costs of social media advertisements are also a lot higher than with email marketing. Have detailed substantiation for you in this blog.

To measure is to know

Sending your first e-mail is just the beginning. Communication with your prospect continues by adequately analyzing the results and determining where you can improve for the next campaign. Better tailor the message, better segment the target group and achieve a higher ROI. We offer an e-mail dashboard in which we keep track of the results and visualize them for you, with countless handy filters to investigate the effects further.

Reach everyone who matters

MarketBase, our Database, contains almost 100,000 up-to-date contact details you can reach by e-mail. It concerns different types of decision-makers from various departments within organizations with >20 employees in the Benelux. We help you segment your recipients so that you can better tailor your message to the reader. 

TIP: Checklist for optimising your e-mail

We have put together a list with 10 essential tips for you to read.


In the following e-mail dashboard screenshot, we visualize multiple mailings from one of our customers. Among other things, the dashboard gives you insight into the accounts you most interact with and divide the KPIs into ‘open rate’ and ‘CTOR’. You can filter by e-mail title, country, department, organization, and much more!

Get in touch to learn about our dashboards and how we can adequately activate these with high-quality data.


Our smarties help you build valuable relationships and convert rich data into quality leads. You can realise all your potential when you know whom to approach, at what time, with which message, and through what channel.