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Boost your sales and marketing departments with the B2B data from MarketBase. Gain access to company data from 2.5 million entities in the Benelux region, updated weekly to connect sales, marketing, and business analysis departments with relevant decision-makers.

Are you considering becoming more data-driven in your business operations? Then compare our data in MarketBase with the commercial data you currently have.

“Even though we have had a disciplined, rich CRM database at element61 for a long time, thanks to Smartprofile, we were still able to identify new prospects within a specific market segment. The solution is user-friendly, and the data quality is good.”

“We have been working with Smart Profile for several years and are highly satisfied with their service. They provide a fast, personalised approach, focusing on understanding our needs and anticipating the situation. The communication is enjoyable and professional.”

The Market Insight Process According to Smart Profile

Plot the right Key Account Indicators on your CRM data and our MarketBase, and see these two data sources in a customized dashboard (MarketViewer). You can then see where customer acquisition costs can be saved, where opportunities lie, and how to increase revenue and profit margins.

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Choose Smart Profile as your trusted strategic data-driven marketing partner and ensure your company has high-quality Market Insights to achieve your true potential.


MarketBase is the destination for up-to-date, comprehensive, and consistent B2B data from the Benelux region. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for sales, marketing, and business analysis departments to connect with relevant decision-makers regardless of location. With MarketBase, you can rest assured that the information you access is always up-to-date, accurate, and reliable.


Recognising and mapping important accounts is an essential activity for any business. Often, these organisations have the potential to generate the most revenue and provide the most significant opportunity for long-term growth.

Key Account Indicators (KAI’s) are essential measurable business characteristics that help you segment your potential market. Once your KAI’s are available, you can divide your target audience and develop your go-to-market strategy.


Discover a wealth of commercial company data across the Benelux region, including details on functions, sectors, number of employees, revenue, postal code, international business characteristics, and more than 400 other market-specific features. MarketBase offers complete market coverage, allowing us to identify relevant organizations using our unique selection criteria easily.

Gain valuable and accurate insights into your Total Addressable Market in the Benelux region today with our MarketViewers.


Optimize your customer acquisition costs with high-quality B2B data and increase your company’s Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). By gathering the correct and detailed information about your target audience, you can reach potential customers and make better-informed decisions. Master these KPIs and increase customer satisfaction, customer retention, and profitability.

Follow the three steps of our flywheel: Market Insights, Market Analysis, and Market Activation, to improve the quality of your B2B data to achieve your strategic goals, reduce costs, increase revenue, and ultimately achieve success for your company!