Demand generation

Do you want to launch multiple sales and marketing campaigns to generate leads or are you looking for insights? Whether it’s about brand awareness, a new product or service, a strategy focused on competitors’ customers, or something else, we’re happy to help you find the perfect solution. Below are our different demand generation campaigns.

LinkedIn Qualified List Upload

If you want to take your paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn to the next level, MarketBase’s LinkedIn-qualified data lists are the solution! With our accurate and up-to-date database, you can easily target your audience and increase the ROI of your campaigns. Our data is of the highest quality and can be effortlessly uploaded to your LinkedIn advertising account. Reach the right people on LinkedIn with MarketBase!

Email campaign

Do you want to spread your message on a large scale but don’t have the right contacts? We ensure that your message reaches the decision-makers of your choice. Do you want to send multiple mailings or do A/B testing? We can do that too!

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing or sales strategies are often used to generate demand at the company level. We know from experience that getting in touch with decision-makers at large companies can be challenging. With an account-based strategy, we can connect with multiple decision-makers within the company.

Telemarketing Campaign

Does your sales team not have the time to make calls all day? Our sales team is an extension of your own sales team. Our top salespeople are trained to call your entire addressable market for 8 hours a day. Curious about our telemarketing campaigns or why you should outsource your telesales?