every step we take

starts with data

We work according to our three-step process. Every action or service we provide starts with data. 

With this data, we can determine a suitable strategy for you. Together we determine the target group, set goals and determine the best demand generation campaign.

So, we do not only carry out instructions but also like to talk to you and actively think along with you. Together we can realise your potential even better.


Find your potential

Do you know your target group and total addressable market? We ask this question because we know that most organisations miss 30% of their target group in their CRM system. If that doesn’t apply to you, you can stop reading now. However, if you are curious how much bigger your total addressable market can be, keep reading.

Can we supplement your market insights? Test it yourself. Our Market Viewer shows you how many companies are in your addressable market. Click on the button to discover your potential.


“We have a good overview of our target market.” We hear that all too often. But is it the people you already know, or is it the people that are not in your database, but that you want to approach? And why do some sales or marketing activities work, while others fail?

We ask one question after another to find out the ‘why’. We look for your Total Addressable Market (TAM) and analyse the success of certain campaigns.

30% extra potential

By checking your data against our database, we enrich it with the data your company needs to be able to sell more. Often 30% of the target market is missing from the CRM system. Imagine that you do have that information.


Understand your potential

Based on the potential we find, it is essential to link this to the insights that you yourself have available.

A quality injection for your data

Thanks to data management (matching, deduplication, enrichment and analysis) we can determine exactly which product or service you can effectively bring to the attention of your target group, with which message, via which channels and at which time.

By combining insights, we get the input we need to set goals and objectives together. In this way we get a first picture of how we are going to achieve those goals and we have input to determine the final message, the channels, the time and the decision makers that need to be contacted.

Commercial strategy

Smart Profile goes even further than that. To be truly successful, you not only need to know as much as possible about your (potential) client, but also about the market developments, partners and competitors of your client. In addition, we are able to dig even deeper into your total addressable market.  In short: you need market knowledge to build a relationship with potential clients. This is the information with which you stay one step ahead of the competition.


Activate your potential

After obtaining the right insights and setting your objectives, the activation can begin. Whether you start a demand or lead generation campaign or project yourself, or we help you with this, it is important to take action with qualitative data as a source of information.


In order to guarantee the quality of leads, we use the BANT criteria to qualify leads. If a lead meets at least 2 of these criteria, we call it a qualified lead, which your sales team can use effectively.

Close collaboration

We strive for the highest achievable potential, which is why cooperation during campaigns is always intensive. You can consider us as your (temporary) marketing and sales colleague.

We don’t sit back during campaigns, the name is Smart Profile for a good reason. We regularly carry out evaluations during a campaign. This allows us to change its course if necessary. All with the aim of realising your potential.

All the insights for successful follow-up

In addition to leads, the necessary insights are also gathered from the campaign(s). We help you to use these insights to be even more effective in the future.

New insights

Whether you’ve decided to run the campaign yourself or whether we’ve taken care of it, it’s incredibly important to measure and make the right plan for a successful follow-up.

We present these in clear dashboards with insight into the buying cycle and the perfect moment for follow-up. You now have all the knowledge and tools you need to take the right actions. Realise your potential: with a good follow-up, conversions of about 40% are achieved, whereas normally this is about 10-15%. Curious about our campaign results? Then take a look at our campaign dashboard.


Based on the data/insights in the dashboard, better marketing and sales decisions can be made immediately. But the effect of our B2B campaigns is even greater! Organisations that apply data analysis on a strategic level realise an average revenue growth of 15% with an increase in margin of 15%.

Our smarties are happy to help you create a structural and successful process together.