Timing is everything

Never miss a sales opportunity! With MarketAlerts, you are always up to date. These alerts show where changes (read: opportunities) are taking place in organisations relevant to you.

Using these alerts has the most excellent chance of succeeding since you can quickly respond to the current situation. For this purpose, we have created special alerts that can trigger you to take action. These alerts are divided into function, market segment or company level.

Benefits of Alerts:

  • Prioritise the right companies;
  • Outsmart your competitors;
  • Get in touch with the right decision-makers.


We have developed alerts for specific industries

Company and contact

These Firmographic Alerts show changes based on job title, show fast-growing organizations, mergers and acquisitions.


These Alerts highlight changes in ICT hardware and software. We inform you which ICT projects are taking place within the company.


These Alerts show changes in the company’s fleet and/or mobility policy. Besides, we show you when a new fleet responsible has been installed.


FirmographicsAlerts are changes at the contact or account level.

As soon as a person changes position or a new position arises, data is reported in the Alerts Dashboard. This is an excellent opportunity to respond with a personal message.

The chances are that the person in question will want to prove himself within the company. So help him/her by starting a conversation about the possibilities of realising their potential.

Our data also shows insights into fast-growing companies, mergers and increases in profits. There is room for investment where companies grow, and current solutions might not be sufficient anymore.

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