Market analysis

On this page we explain how we can give you more insight into your market by looking at the past, present and future to use this information to realise your potential as effectively as possible. Through our market analysis services, we help to better understand your potential and take structural advantage of it.

Analysis of the past

You can gather a lot of information by looking back a few years. This way, you can see the average useful life of a specific solution, and you can therefore predict which parties will probably also be open to switching to your solution in the coming years. You can also see which parties are early in adopting new solutions and which organisations take longer. All information that you can use to your advantage.

Analysis of today

In addition to information from the past, we can also provide insight into which projects are currently taking place at organisations relevant to you. Perhaps there is no room for your solution due to a specific project, or it is crucial to get in touch. We can also offer you this information. We provide insight into recent changes within the organisations relevant to you through our MarketAlerts. Think of an increase or decrease in staff, specific projects or a takeover or relocation.

Need inspiration? Take a look at our own research!

Analysis of the future

By combining insights from the past and present, we can make future predictions. On top of that, we can indicate where the opportunities lie in the short and long term, based on our experience in deploying data and executing campaigns.