for fleetmanagers

As a fleet manager, you want to know how the drivers act on the road. That way, you can get a grip on their driving behaviour and then use it to your advantage. This way, you can reduce costs, the number of fines and optimize green driving.

More control over costs

Insight does not just mean numbers, but also foresights!
By knowing how people drive, you also find out where savings can be made.
On top of this you can also prevent unexpected repairs by monitoring the condition of the vehicle.

Cleaner, safer and cheaper driving

Environmental awareness has become very important in recent years. By adapting the driving style you can reduce emissions, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and costs.

In addition, it also significantly reduces accidents and therefore damage.

More engaged drivers

By getting to know the driving behavior of your drivers, you can address and reward them more personally. That extra step ensures more involvement, which in turn ensures better results!

What insights do you get with our platform?

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