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Our MarketBase consists of the total package.

It shows the total market. We validate all data by telephone, among other things, and note a person’s purchase intentions, which makes our data valuable and reliable. We don’t just offer you data, but valuable insights with which you can realise your potential.

Do you want to know exactly which data we have insight into? View the list with all the information you can filter on to arrive at your perfect target group.

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Find detailed information about the entire BeNeLux regarding job functions, sectors, number of employees, turnover, zip code, country of origin and much more.

In addition to general company information, we also have in-depth, market-specific data

ICT information

Information about functions, number of workstations, business applications, connectivity, local network, servers, storage, personal computing and OS & management software.

Fleet & Mobility information

Find information about features, number of vehicles, commercial vehicles, brands, car policies, financial methods, fuel cards and mobility solutions.

Energy information

Information about, among other things, electric cars and charging stations, but also the person responsible within the organisation.

HR information

Information about the HR software used, the HR person with ultimate responsibility and the number of employees and workplaces per organisation.

Logistic information

Information about fleets, used ERP and other logistics software. We can also help with insight into your fleet.

Facility information

Information about facility managers, number of employees, workplaces, used hardware and software and number of company locations.

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