Success story Cloudmill

Steady high quality leads due to a good story and experienced callers

“Based on contact with Microsoft, we are aware that there are several options to choose from to gain more exposure and leads. One of the proposed options was the program run by Smart Profile and based on our desire to generate more leads, we started up everything. In recent years, implementing software like Dynamics needs less customization and therefore less hours of consulting. Due to this decreased turnover per customer, we need more possible customers in our pipeline.”

” Based on previous experience with outbound calling I was a little sceptical regarding its success.” says Magnus Larsson, founder of Cloudmill. ” Some years ago, we had quite good results, but 2 years ago a campaign failed. Thanks to a good story, an experienced person who is doing the calling and some funding by Microsoft we decided to go ahead and run the campaign. It is all about getting qualified leads, which we did get, and of good quality!”

” During the setup some verticals were excluded, and focus was put on the SME segment (up to 200 employees) across the whole country of Sweden. Thanks to working more digitally, we can service the whole country now. It also makes it easier for us to use development capacity from India.”

” In the approach the emphasis was put on reaching the business decision makers or in other words Sales and general managers. As Cloudmill we have a business background regarding sales, marketing and customer service and we know that that makes us stand out compared to other possible IT partners. In our opinion the implementation of new software should be business driven instead of IT driven.”

” I would recommend Smart Profile based on the quality of the leads and the experience of the person that is calling.” 

” In May 2021 the campaign got underway and on a steady base we have received 1 to 2 leads every month, which is a pleasant addition for us. Although we didn’t call in Swedish, but in English, we noticed positive response on the phone and no real barrier. Important to us, to make this campaign beneficial to us, is that we get at least 2 customers out of the 10 agreed upon leads. In the end, we have already received multiple leads of high quality. ”