Success Story Orange

As a challenger on the Belgian market Orange puts a lot of focus on attracting new customers. Orange has been working successfully with Smart Profile for several years to process the large business market.  Smart Profile is able to provide insight into the contract end date of existing telecom contracts, based on their market intelligence in the field of IT and Telecom products, which is very valuable for Orange. By executing demand generation activities based on these insights to enrich Orange’s data, effective prioritization is created for the Orange sales department. This way prospects can be approached effectively.

“CRM data enrichment from Smart Profile provides demonstrably more opportunities.”

“Smart Profile is unique in its field based on the knowledge and data within the IT and Telecom market,” says Koen van Echelpoel, Customer Value Proposition Manager at Orange. “In addition to the knowledge and data, I also really like that you can easily make selections in the database based on a query. Then there is also fast and flexible support from Smart Profile to arrive at the right selections and insights. ”

The market intelligence of Smart Profile shows not only relevant contacts, but also among other things the number of PCs used by a company in Belgium, what the current telephony provider is and what the end date of the contract is. Through smart integration, Smart Profile is able to push all these insights directly into the Orange CRM system, allowing triggers for Sales to be set. “Thanks to Smart Profile’s data enrichment, cold calling by our sales is a thing of the past”, Koen adds. “It provides demonstrably more opportunities, which satisfies sales management. Smart Profile was able to gather relevant prospect information for more than 46% of the identified targets. A good result in this market segment with a complex Decision Making Unit (DMU). ”

About Orange Belgium

Orange Belgium is one of the largest players in the telecom market in Belgium and in Luxembourg with its subsidiary Orange Communications Luxembourg. The company offers its residential customers mobile prepaid and postpaid services, as well as many other innovative telecom services. As a convergent player, Orange also offers TV and internet via the cable network in Belgium.

Orange offers mobile and fixed telephony and broadband internet on the business market. As an established telecom company, Orange has an extensive range of connectivity and mobility services, including offers based on big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). Orange is also a wholesale company and grants its partners access to its infrastructure and services.

Orange has more than 3 million customers in Belgium and Luxembourg and is constantly investing in its superior mobile network. This high-performance network includes the following technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G + and 4.5G.

Orange Belgium is a subsidiary of the Orange Group, one of the leading operators in Europe and Africa for mobile telephony and internet access, and a world leader in telecom services for companies. Orange Belgium is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.