‘Qualified’ Audience Expansion

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now indispensable when it comes to lead generation. The numbers speak for themselves, even when you read independent research.

Therefore, most of the marketing budget is spent on digital marketing tactics. However, according to Gartner‘s research, the share decreased from 72% to 56%: a switch from “digital first” to “hybrid multichannel”. A strategy used to reach one target audience through multiple marketing channels.

Within the B2B digital marketing budget, 44% is spent on “paid media”, making ‘Paid Media’ account for almost 25% of the total marketing budget“. A percentage that made me blink a few times.

Paid Media

According to the Content Marketing Institute research, LinkedIn is the most used and most effective B2B platform. If your goal is lead generation, the average CPC (Cost per Click) is currently $5,26.

The budget depends heavily on the target audience selection. A campaign targeting C-level decision-makers can quickly have a CPC of >= $7, which also applies to certain sectors. With LinkedIn as a hugely dominant B2B advertising platform, it is likely that these CPCs will only increase in the future.

Target audience segmentation

LinkedIn offers many tips on optimising the ROI of your CPC ad campaigns. We have summarized them and concluded that it ultimately comes down to the following:

  1. Use as many Key Account Indicatoren (KAIs) as possible to segment the optimal target audience
  2. Less is more: the more segmented, the more value – although the CPC is often higher
  3. Test, analyze, refine, repeat!

LinkedIn offers a wide range of segmentation criteria, but they are not updated systematically because it is the responsibility of individual users of the platform.

As a result, you often miss out, which can lead to a lower ROI unless you have the right data yourself!

LinkedIn Matched Audience: ‘Best Bang for your Buck!’

The Matched Audiences option allows you to upload your own Target Account lists. You determine which accounts you approach and already know in advance that your CPC is spent on the organizations and contacts you want to approach, such as:

Named Accounts (ABM) Lists based on external account intelligence (3d party data providers)

Matched Audience can be used with as few as 300 linked accounts.

Qualified data import: start by importing the right, high-quality data!

Optimize your online marketing tactics by importing pre-qualified data as a source. You already know your expensive clicks are in-target, instantly and measurably increasing your Paid Media results. You can quickly make that calculation!

Sander de Bont, Portfolio Lead 

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