Success story Digia


Based on the tight connection with Microsoft Finland, we, as Digia, were nominated to run the program with Smart Profile, starts Maria Hintikka, Director Dynamics 365 Customer Apps and Power Platform at Digia.

“Next to our need to create pipeline based on new leads, we also wanted to inform people about our power platform services. Our goal is to become the number 1 power platform partner in Finland”.

After the goal was clear, Smart Profile and local Finish partner MicroMedia supported Digia in setting up the script. At the same time, they helped to create a helpful target list with the correct contact data. At that point, we were all set to start the campaign.

“I would recommend Smart Profile since it was a pleasure working with them, things went fast & smooth and professional. Smart Profile is doing the work, which means we don’t need to do it ourselves. At the same time, we are well informed via reports and regular feedback.”

During the campaign itself, there were short lines of communications and regular feedback cycles. They resulted in regular minor updates in both the target list and script, which meant an outcome above expectations.

“I am both happy with the results as with the way Smart Profile and MicroMedia run these campaigns. We received various new insights based on the questions that were asked, we got several new leads, and we were kept up-to-date almost real-time”.