Success Story ACP IT Solutions GmbH

Based on contact with Microsoft Austria, Andreas Stemmer came into touch with Smart Profile and its Austrian partner Jota to generate quality leads for the various locations of ACP across Austria. At the same time Andreas got aware of a digital campaign via the Microsoft partner program and decided to execute this program as well as the tele demand generation program via Smart Profile/Jota.

“To generate business for ACP Austria, I am able to use marketing budget on various campaigns to generate leads for sales follow-up”, indicates Andreas Stemmer, Business Development Manager for Microsoft offerings at ACP Holding. “Next, the various subs are also able to use budget themselves to generate business.” Goal of the campaign upfront was to generate high quality leads for the various sales at ACP regarding their Microsoft Surface offering.

“When comparing the digital campaign with the tele sales campaign, the latter was the clear winner!

“Ten leads per day thanks to a real extension to our sales team.”

Main reason is that Jota felt like a real extension to our sales team based on daily reporting and quick feedback via short communication lines”, adds Andreas. “On top of that, Jota has a very good understanding of IT in general and the Microsoft portfolio. The latter can be attributed to the fact that former Microsoft employee Monika Schwarzl, is CEO of Jota. In total, this is a real added value compared to other agencies we have worked with in the past.”

“Next to the way we worked together, the outcome is very positive as well. My colleagues are very satisfied with the quality of the leads in general.

Every day, Jota was able to provide us with approximately 10 leads a day. These leads were equally divided between follow-up calls, meetings and the ability to send more information via e-mail. If I look at our current revenue we are on par of this ambitious goal and I am sure that this campaign played its part. Therefore, I would recommend Smart Profile and Jota to other Microsoft partners in Europe to generate leads and pipeline”, concludes the Business Development Manager of ACP in Austria.

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