Success story ABC Business

As part of the Microsoft referral program, we were offered the possibility to work together with Smart Profile. Since the collaboration with Microsoft is valuable to us, based on the capacity that Microsoft has available, we decided to work together to generate leads.

At the start of the collaboration with Smart Profile, we agreed that Smart Profile would offer us ten leads. To do so, we discussed the desired target audience in a very pleasant way. Sanne, our contact at Smart Profile, was always quick to respond and helped us finetuning the target group for the campaign. As a result, the leads that were delivered have all met our criteria. We can see that all leads are relevant decision-makers at relevant organisations. This clearly shows the strength of Smart Profile’s MarketBase (database) from which the target selection is derived.

Next to a pleasant way of defining the target audience, creating a pitch has been an excellent way of working together. During a briefing with Smart Profile, this was defined.

In the end, we got the ten leads as agreed upon, which met our requirements. Most of these leads are currently nurtured via marketing automation, while some are directly given to Sales for follow-up.

Therefore, at this moment, is it difficult to say what the actual outcome of the campaign is. Most leads are still in the marketing qualification stage of the funnel and will need further qualification. All-in-all, the campaign has met our expectations and therefore, I would recommend Smart Profile to other Microsoft partners. Important tip: have a clear understanding of what you define as a lead to make sure the leads meet your expectations.

ABC E BUSINESS, number 1 in the Netherlands, helps you achieve more

We were recently elected Partner of the Year Finalist, or number 2 in the world and number 1 in the Netherlands, in the field of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Since 2009, we have worked hard to achieve this by guiding our customers and relieving them of the burden of completing projects in automation. We have specialised in small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in production, wholesale and retail, and companies working with projects and hours.
Our mission is to make companies work more accessible, more fun, and more efficiently to make better decisions, and more turnover can be generated. This way, our customers can achieve more. And all that with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.