The first contact with Smart Profile was initiated by Microsoft. As a Microsoft partner, we frequently discuss the possibilities to generate more leads and business. In this case, Microsoft proposed to us the possibility to work with Smart Profile, and we agreed to do so.

From the start Smart Profile showed that they can target very spot on, based on the data they have available. Thanks to this data, we created the desired target audience for the campaign quickly and efficiently.

This is also shown in the result since the quality of leads was moderate to good.

This is also shown in the result since the quality of leads was moderate to good. All leads were meeting the target audience criteria, but three leads, in the end, were less interested when we did a follow-up. Still, seven leads remain, of which one has already shown potential. If we could sign that organisation as a new client, that would be very good.

Time will tell whether the campaign really is successful based on the eventual outcome for Succeed IT. Partly due to this uncertainty, I find it difficult to really recommend Smart Profile to other partners. However, I must admit that Smart Profile is one of my Top 3 partners for these campaigns in working with similar campaigns.


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