Success story MyPartner

As Microsoft Gold Partner in Portugal, we get help through the Partner Program by Microsoft. The program helps us to accelerate our sales. Through our contact at Microsoft, we got in contact with Smart Profile, they mentioned the organization as a trusted agency that could provide us BANT criteria leads.

The format of the program was co-funded, which means Microsoft partially covered our investment. However, the main advantage is that Smart Profile knows Microsoft technology, and therefore they can introduce it better to prospects and identify the expected leads. The goals were to identify sales qualified leads for D365 Software Solution in Portugal.

Smart Profile achieved the goal faster than we had anticipated. We worked together to establish the metrics beforehand, so both Smart Profile and we had the same goal in mind. The goal was to provide 5 BANT qualified leads. One of them has already become an opportunity.

Our sales team is working on the remaining four leads, but it is too early to provide more information about the status. Due to covid-19, online meetings get often postponed, so it takes more time to qualify them. It was a complete program. In a few meetings, we have established the objective, we were all on the same page and set up expectations, it was very well organized.

We would definitely recommend Smart Profile to other Microsoft partners since the delivery was according to our expectations.

myPartner nearshore services from Portugal to Europe

We are a company focused on providing ERP, CRM and BI solutions aimed at medium-sized companies. Our offer is based on Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central solutions specialized in the Industrial, Distribution and Retail sectors.

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