Success story Fourtop ICT

Smart Profile has helped us attract new customers thanks to the right people and a pleasant collaboration.

From a session, at the Microsoft office near Schiphol, the first contact was established. Smart Profile gave a presentation in the persons of Sanne Roubos and Stephanie Tiggelman. “They presented that they carry out successful telemarketing activities for Microsoft partners and are not afraid to call on ICT propositions. That triggered me, as we had different experiences in this area in previous collaborations,” explains Douwe van der Graaf, Sales and Marketing Manager at Fourtop ICT.

“Our experience was that telemarketing parties are not eager to call on ICT propositions, while Smart Profile indicated that it is something they do every day”, Douwe adds. From the first contact, it was then decided to start a telemarketing campaign based on the Microsoft partner program that Microsoft offers to the partners.

The campaign focused on a new Fourtop ICT proposition, linked to the company’s objective to achieve growth. “In terms of the proposition, it was about the modern workplace in the Fourtop way. In which we already carry out various marketing and sales activities. The campaign with Smart Profile was mainly intended to make the first contact by telephone. We don’t believe in first contact based on an e-mail when someone doesn’t know us,” explains Mr van der Graaf.

“Our experience was that telemarketing parties are not eager to call on ICT propositions, while Smart Profile indicated that it is something they do every day”.

“After the 1st week it became clear that the story wasn’t strong enough yet. The results were not satisfactory and the confidence of the person who called was not yet sufficient. Due to good mutual coordination and open and clear communication, we were able to turn that around quickly. In the end even 2 new customers came out of that campaign, which more than justified it,” adds Douwe.

“To achieve such a success, the role of yourself as a partner should not be underestimated. You need to have a good picture of your proposition and be able to communicate it well”, Douwe van der Graaf says mentions this as an important factor in the success.

On the foundation of the 1st successful campaign, a 2nd campaign was also conducted for a follow-up. “The results of that campaign were, unfortunately, less than the first campaign, but provided a good pipeline and many insights. As a next step, we decided to hire someone to follow this up further. As soon as we have set this up further, we will need the qualitative data and market insights of Smart Profile in order to have that colleague make targeted calls”.

About Fourtop ICT

Fourtop ICT makes collaboration more fun and easier by providing smart ICT solutions. Since 1998, they have been a reliable and skilled ICT specialist where partners are taken care of in a personal way. Innovation is very important and the digital workplace of the future Cloudine is a good example of this. Using the continuous development of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, Cloudine ensures that you can always work together, from the office, at home or on the road and communicate in a simple way, while sensitive data is always safe!