Success story Uniserver

We get much more out of it than just qualified leads

”I actually know Smart Profile for a very long time. I think even under the old name, Computer Profile.” says Laura Bakker, Channel Marketeer at Uniserver.

”Previously I worked at Parentix, an IT company that took care of Exact in the Cloud. At a certain point, I was given the name ‘Computer Profile’ by my director as an organisation that is possible to deliver data and insight into the hardware and software used within Benelux organisations. He told me that Computer/ Smart Profile actually has a fairly unique position in the Netherlands because of that information, and that is how I came into contact with you.” Laura explains.

”Then we ran a campaign together with Microsoft, via the Microsoft partner programme. That actually worked very well. At that time Office365 was recently launched and we generated qualified leads by means of a tele campaign. In addition, it was also useful for us to be able to see whether someone was already working with Exact or not, because if someone was already working with Exact then we could immediately move everything to the Cloud.”

From the 109 organisations that were called, 50 organisations were interested, 12 appointments have been made and the first deal has now been signed.

”When I started working at Uniserver I remembered the name. When I started, there was an issue about the new graphical workstation (GPU), this is an online environment in which you can effortlessly run large programs. On the GPU segment, we were still relatively unknown at that time. In addition, we often develop products on the basis of technology and then we look at whether there is a need. That’s why we first checked within the companies we knew if there was a need, which turned out to be there.”

”Our partners still had to get used to this proposition and although we only work via partners, we were curious to see if end users were open to the GPU.”

”We knocked on Smart Profile’s door for this issue, since it has insight into which companies work with AutoCAD. We were looking for this target group because the our solution can be very attractive to these companies because of the size of the AutoCAD programme. We ran a very successful campaign last summer. From the 109 organisations that were called, 50 organisations were interested, 12 appointments were made. The first deal is closed now and more is still in the pipeline. In the case of IT solutions, the purchase process often takes a little longer, so we hope to have additional deals in the next year. Since new budgets will be released by then.”

”Partly because we saw that there was a great need for information, we decided to additionally organise a webinar on the subject. We noticed that many people did not yet know about the GPU or were very sceptical. That’s why the webinar was mainly aimed at informing end-users. Smart Profile helps us to inform/reach people by phone and in addition, from the previous campaign they have built up a nice group of companies that we can nurture. ‘’

”Thanks to this base, we now have much more information about prospects than we would normally have. The lukewarm leads, so to speak.”

When asked about the cooperation Laura reacts very positively. ”I have experienced the cooperation as very pleasant, and I have very good contact with Sjuul. I like the fact that someone thinks along with you and really has the knowledge. And that the moment you run into things, they also think along with you about how we can deal with them flexibly. ‘’

”I really like the mid-term evaluations, where you can exchange information with the business development specialist. I think this is very valuable. For example, he/she can indicate what he or she is up against and we can see how we can tackle this. Moreover, we also get a lot of feedback from this. For example, we can adapt our content to a segment or branch of industry or we can better brief our partners. We get a lot more out of it than just leads. ” says Laura Bakker

Are there plans for the future in collaboration with Smart Profile?

”We are currently working on a plan to organise campaigns together with vendors. We see that vendors also have very nice marketing funds which we can possibly use. That is why we are looking to set up campaigns for next year for the whole year or to have one of Smart Profile’s business development specialist calling for a longer period on the Uniserver proposition.” appoints Laura.

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