Jaguar Land Rover – Kris Verleye

An indispensable tool that I consult daily

As the person responsible for promoting Jaguar Land Rover within the business market, Kris Verleye is a true fan of the services Smart Profile offers. “In my view, we use the services on three levels,” Kris explains enthusiastically.

“For example, I use the Smart Profile database primarily to chart the lines and to familiarize myself with the basic information about the companies (fleet manager, fleet profile, renewal potential, etc.). The business world is evolving rapidly, so this is an indispensable tool for getting the perfectly updated information into the network.

In this way we can make contact with prospects at a high level. So I’ll admit it immediately: this tool is permanently open on my computer. ”

According to Kris, the data from Smart Profile plays a key role in the growth that the Jaguar Land Rover brands are enjoying among companies. “We are a relatively young player in this B2B market and in the position of “challenger” the prospecting tool that Smart Profile provides is an incredibly valuable asset. One of our missions within the fleet department is to teach dealers how to use the tool optimally. I would like to call that the second level of use,” Kris continues.

According to Kris, the third level of use is the possibility to send targeted mailings via the Smart Profile database. “We use this formula a few times a year, for example when a new model is launched or when we want to invite people to an event. With this technology we can profile very precisely according to the type of company that we want to address, ”concludes Kris.

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