Success story Aspect ICT

New customers thanks to Smart Profile’s IT infrastructure insights

”A year and a half ago we first came into contact with Smart Profile.” says Jeroen Jeroense, Marketing and communication specialist at Aspect ICT. ”At that time we were busy enriching our CRM system and that’s how I got in touch with Sanne and Hans. An integration with our CRM was proposed, but unfortunately that plan didn’t work out at the time”, Jeroen adds.

”We then started to work on a more campaign-oriented approach within Aspect ICT. This involved the use of Marketing Automation. Because of this new approach, we wanted to target accounts based of specific software that they are using to set up marketing and sales successfully. ‘’

”We didn’t have this data ourselves, so I got in touch with Michelle to see what Smart Profile could do. Through the MarketViewer ICT, I could easily see that Smart Profile is able to provide these insights and that is how we got started”, says Jeroen.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the data; we only encountered one company that had recently switched to a competitor.

”The way Smart Profile works is very pleasant, the process runs smooth and there are short communication lines. It also helped that I could access the MarketViewer ICT and determine which data I found relevant. I am also very pleased with the quality of the data, we only noticed one company that had recently switched to a competitor”.

”When asked what Jeroen expects from our cooperation in the future, he says ”For now our sales are still busy doing follow-up, but perhaps we can use more data in the future. We have a wide range of services and Smart Profile data is available in almost all areas.”

About Aspect ICT:

Making smart use of your information offers new possibilities, time savings and convenience. Aspect ICT supports companies in taking the step towards a digital organisation in which every business process is optimally supported by ICT. They offer that added value because they control the entire spectrum. Examples include managed infrastructure, business software, business apps & integrations, digital collaboration, business intelligence and security. By working with you to shape the long-term ICT strategy, Aspect ICT ensures the best combination between the ICT infrastructure and the software that runs on it. More is possible than you think!