Success story Prometheus

“From the first contact with Job Boons from Smart Profile, it became clear to me that they could help us with our challenge. We wanted to increase our brand awareness among carriers with regard to telematics and our associated cloud platform,” explains Paul van Ruler, Commercial Director at Prometheus Informatics B.V.

Being relevant at the right time thanks to rich data ensures many new sales appointments

As a first step, in realising the goal, a target group was jointly defined. This target group concerned all transporters in the Netherlands with more than 20 vehicles, with a focus on the HR, financial and operational managers within those organisations. Finally, we also looked at the current Telematics solution and the duration of the contract, as far as known in the market intelligence database of Smart Profile (MarketBase). This resulted in a total dataset of 1,000 organisations, which was used for various actions over a period of 1 year.

“Smart Profile is truly a specialist when it comes to quality data and the execution of a tele campaign. After all, the data quality and the quality of the leads is very impressive”.

“On the basis of the selection, we first of all used that data in order to take action ourselves, in cooperation with our marketing partner. After we had not yet achieved the desired results based on these actions after one year of using the data, we looked together with Smart Profile to see if they could carry out a campaign”, adds Mr. van Ruler. “We opted for a tele campaign because new business calling is really something else. You really need to have the discipline to call. A fixed moment works best for this, but it’s not easy to schedule that in the agenda. Especially if you, as a Salesperson, are busy drawing up quotations, planning and executing appointments and contacting existing customers”.

The first campaign was a pilot with 200 organisations. This was extended to a campaign to the other 800 organisations in the target group, as the results from the pilot were above expectations. “From the telephone contact, the main objective was to make appointments for our sales, and more meetings were scheduled than expected. Moreover, the follow-up shows that there is a lot of value from previous conversations so that we can be relevant at the right time. Which I think is very important. We have also been able to build up more insight. Even if there is no direct interest, that gives us more focus”.

Asked about the reason for this success, Paul van Ruler indicates: “Smart Profile is really a specialist when it comes to qualitative data and carrying out a tele campaign. After all, the data quality and the quality of the leads is very impressive”.

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Prometheus Informatics has been helping organisations to digitise business processes since 1989. We do this with innovative software solutions with proven added value.

Prometheus logistics platform
Within the logistics platform the elements material, man and assignment come together, big data is carefully converted into algorithms. In this way, the planner converts an order into a planned order within minutes. This also saves the fleet manager and driver a lot of time.

Waste & Recycling
Waste and recycling is a separate market, but one in which Prometheus has proven itself. With the right tools we offer you full insight: whether it concerns the driver, truck, cargo, planning or remuneration.

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Higher quality of service, more efficient work and cost savings. And tools that are easy to link to your own software and hardware. We know what the Transport & Logistics market needs and will help you meet that need.