Success story Resello

The we-feeling based on a qualitative approach ensures a conversion rate of 17%

Cloud Distributor Resello, active since 2013, became Microsoft CSP Distributor at the beginning of this year. As a result, it can supply products such as Office 365, Azure / Azure Stack, Sharepoint Online and Dynamics 365 to Cloud Service Providers, such as VARs, MSPs, telcos, webhosters and ISVs. In addition, Resello is able to automate the entire process of delivery, management and invoicing of Microsoft Cloud Solutions and provide insight for direct and indirect Microsoft CSP partners.

Resello sees great opportunities for companies that still do little with Microsoft Cloud services. In order to increase brand awareness among the target group, and to generate leads, we decided to set up a demand generation campaign together with Smart Profile. “On the basis of the extensive information that Smart Profile has available about Cloud Service Providers in the Benelux, it soon became clear to us that Smart Profile is the right partner for us”, says Martijn Couprie, Senior Marketer at Resello. In addition to that information, Smart Profile is also a Preferred Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

“In de briefing werd snel duidelijk dat Smart Profile veel ervaring heeft met het in kaart brengen van de adresseerbare markt en het uitvoeren van effectieve demand generation campagnes. Naast de ervaring en affiniteit, was er veel energie tijdens de briefing. Zodoende is er direct een sterk wij-gevoel ontstaan en acteerden de business development specialisten echt als een extensie van Resello”

Campaign preparation and implementation

The basis for the campaign was an extensive briefing session. “In the briefing, it quickly became clear that Smart Profile has a lot of experience in mapping the addressable market and executing effective demand generation campaigns. In addition to the experience and affinity, there was a lot of energy during the briefing. This immediately created a strong ‘we’ feeling and the business development specialists of Smart Profile really acted as an extension of Resello”, adds Martijn Couprie. “That ‘we’ feeling is important to us because it fits in exactly with how we work together with our clients at Resello. Short lines of communication, good personal contact and looking together at what’s possible”.

During the briefing, the content of the automation platform and the cloud marketplace offered by Resello was extensively discussed. In addition, sales material, such as an eBook on the opportunities of the Microsoft CSP programme and a guidebook on the new guidelines for Direct CSP partners, was made available, which the business development specialists of Smart Profile could make available via a Resello e-mail address. The combination of the qualitative information from Smart Profile and the available materials from Resello made it possible to approach the entire target group very qualitatively and effectively. Martijn Couprie adds: “Together we continued to tweak the campaign continuously, and as a result realised a very successful campaign. After an initial contact moment, an appointment was immediately scheduled or content forwarded so that the contact person could go through it at a time that was suitable for him/her. After that, a warm follow-up was done, which overall resulted in a high conversion rate of no less than 17%”.

“Together we continued to tweak the campaign continuously, and as a result realised a very successful campaign.”

Not only leads, but also valuable insights

In addition to the leads, valuable information has also been collected about accounts in the addressable market that can be accessed again at a later date, including the subject matter and time of follow-up. Valuable information has also been collected about accounts in which there is no interest for the time being, including the reason and qualification with which partners the Service Providers are currently working. In this way a follow-up can fully focus on the most interesting accounts and no information will be lost.

In view of the successful campaign, we are currently looking at how a programme can be set up where the right person, with the right message at the right time, is approached via the right medium in order to continue and increase the success of the campaign in the long term.

About Resello

Resello is the automation platform for Microsoft CSP partners, other Resellers and Agents. Resello helps VARs, MSPs, web hosters, telcos and ISVs with the successful distribution of cloud services. As an official Microsoft CSP Distributor, since 2013 Resello offers Azure, Azure Stack, Office 365, and more than a thousand other cloud services for resale. The cloud business automation platform provides the delivery, management and invoicing of cloud services between resellers, sub-resellers and end-users. Combined with an integrated self-service customer environment and a fully customisable storefront, Resello makes selling all these services easy. The platform itself is free, customers only pay for the services they purchase via the platform. Meanwhile, 15,000 resellers rely on the automation platform for their cloud distribution.