Success Story Salesforce

Salesforce is the top-ranking global company in the CRM field

Business planning and strategic decision-making based on qualitative data. As a customer-driven company, keeps the customer at the forefront, brainstorming with its clientele and maintaining a close watch on relevant developments. To gather these insights, keep the pipeline filled and continue its growth trend, works with Smart Profile. Koen Rakers, Marketing Manager Benelux at, talks about this valuable partnership.

What does the sales and marketing strategy at look like?

“ is the top-ranking global company in the CRM field, but we represent much more than just sales force automation. We offer solutions for mapping, managing and influencing the customer journey, and it all happens from the cloud. Our Customer Company Vision truly puts the customer first. To make that possible, it is vital to know what is relevant for the target group and what they need. We work with Smart Profile to gather that information.

Our partnership focuses on the enterprise market and the top of the mid-market. Smart Profile is a serious strategic partner for us. We use the information from the database in our business plans and rely on it to make strategic decisions. Which markets are appealing? Which market-product combinations are effective? What about competitors? Our organisation is still experiencing significant growth; these insights are essential to safeguard that growth and keep the pipeline filled. Therefore all our telesales and marketing staff have a license for the database.”

“We demand a great deal from Smart Profile, regularly handing in ad-hoc requests and applications for segmentation. With a fixed contact representative and a dedicated data analyst, it is always arranged quickly. That’s worth its weight in gold.”

What is the result of your partnership with Smart Profile?

“Reaching good contact representatives leads to a higher-quality conversation, thus increasing the chances of success. We recently rolled out a campaign to promote our Service Cloud. Smart Profile sent out three mailings in which we told customers about our solution and referred them to our website or YouTube channel. By the end, it was apparent that the campaign had been significantly more effective and efficient in the Netherlands than in our other European branches. The quality of the pipeline has improved and we have lower costs, since we do not have to manipulate the data ourselves and do not have maintenance costs.

We use the data provided by Smart Profile to enrich our own database, allowing us to gain even more familiarity with the market. If you want to be a customer-driven company in the ICT sector, you should be talking to Smart Profile. They’re also becoming a customer-driven company. Smart Profile knows what’s relevant in the market, brainstorms along with us and is sincerely interested. This makes it possible for them to know all the ins and outs of the sector.

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